How Gymnastics Club Leaders Become Better Managers

Scale Their Staff Skills Development and Support and Raise Results and Retention

Without Standards Slipping or Burning Themselves Out!

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Say goodbye to the frustration, exhaustion and loneliness of running a busy gym club single handedly, and plug into your personal support team who will light the path and share the load of growing your club, developing your team, and empowering their athletes.

Are you fed up with having to be “always on” to lead your team effectively because you are constantly fire fighting, and the responsibility of running your gym single handedly is grinding you down and taking you away from supporting your athletes and coaches?

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It’s likely your background is in being a gymnast and coach, and you were thrust into this role, without the leadership, business and management skills and experience that would better equip you, but even if you knew where to find classes that would teach you, there isn’t anyone who could run the club in your absence or the time to take days off to attend anyway.

You want your staff to be better trained too but don’t have enough team resources to let them take time out for courses and workshops, or know where to find providers to come in and deliver the education they need.

We understand – it’s stressful.

You are not on your own… anymore.

Do you feel like you have to wear all the hats at the club, unable to delegate tasks or responsibilities because your team needs additional training before they can step up and you have no time to deliver or organise classes – besides, you couldn’t spare them from the gym to attend anyway?

Do you have goals to improve membership numbers, coaching standards and staff retention to put your gym on the map, and wish you had your own trusted coach with leadership experience to bounce ideas and strategies around with, so you don’t waste your limited time implementing tactics that won’t get results?

Perhaps you started as a gymnastics coach and thought that running the club would give you more control and autonomy.

It did, but running the club consumes so much of you that you’ve had to stop working with athletes as you don’t have the time or energy for coaching on top of everything else.

You are spinning too many plates; dealing with parents, leading the staff, managing the gym – work eats into your family time because when the buck stops with you, you can’t switch off!

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Introducing Nick Ruddock’s Inner Circle

For gymnastics club owners, managers and head coaches who want their club or programme to efficiently run, sustainably thrive and consistently grow, with them, their staff and athletes reaching their full potential, without adding additional workload or stress for themselves.

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Inside the Inner Circle
you will receive:

Bi-Weekly 1-1 High Performance Strategy and Accountability Calls (1 Team Member)

With the aid of the ‘High Performance Health Check’, we will develop a strategy to improve your club’s score in 6 areas: Coaching, Curriculum, Conditions, Culture, Business and Leadership, – and coach you personally as you take action, so you have full support and accountability to achieve growth in each area, over time.

Private Inner Circle WhatsApp Community (Up to 2 Team Members)

For the times when you run into an unexpectedly tricky challenge and want “best practice” advice, encounter a difficult situation you want support to manage, or you have an idea you want to sense check with your globally based owner/manager network, connect with the top-tier expertise inside your WhatsApp group 24/7.

Weekly Club Support Community Calls (Up to 2 Team Members)

Say goodbye to lonely leadership. Each week we arrange a 60 minute Community Call exclusively for our Inner Circle members to talk all things management! From running a business, managing a team, leading a programme and more. These are another opportunity to ask questions to Nick and your Inner Circle peers who have also ‘got the t shirt’ and understand the challenges you’re facing. These calls are worth the investment in the Inner Circle alone!

Live Event Tickets

We love getting our community and members together face to face, and each year run a number of live Masterclass events. As an Inner Circle member, your club is allocated 3 tickets to each live event, for you to distribute to members of your team. And if you can’t make it on the day, all of our Masterclasses are recorded and available for your entire team to consume at a time that suits them best.

Plus Access to The Gymnastics Growth Academy for you and up to 10 coaches ...

Simplifying the Business of Coaching Athletes - Template Hub

Jam-packed bank of instantly downloadable templates for all the documents you need to keep track of your athletes’ progress, so you’re not wasting valuable resources starting from scratch when anyone needs a new programming, tracking or scoring record-keeper in the gym.

Holistic Coaching and Personal Development

Guided by the “Coaching Quadrant”, you and your team will develop in the areas crucial to your club’s success, such as mastering your mindset, fine-tuning your abilities, and expanding your beliefs, so your athletes reap the rewards of you unlocking your fullest potential.

Weekly Coaching Support Q&A Calls

These calls are your coaches’ opportunity to come together with their peers and learn what’s working with athletes around the world right now, plus get their questions answered by Nick personally, so they’re not staying stuck or losing motivation.

Members Only Support Community

The heartbeat of the Coaches’ Academy will take a huge weight off you by giving your staff access to the tight knit community of globally based gymnastics coaches. Instead of running to you with every question, they will be able to ask their peer network in a safe and supportive environment to receive advice from, and be inspired by their new close circle of gymnastics coaches who will be there for them at every step of the way. 

Expert-Led Live and On-Demand Gymnastics Content for Your Coaches

Online content, delivered in a mix of live and pre-recorded video based sessions to cater for all timezones, covering topics such as, apparatus mastery, advanced coaching practices and skills and drills, so they come away from each session ready to put their new expertise into practice with their athletes and become the top flight club coach you know they are capable of being – without you having to lift a finger.

Gymnastics Growth Academy
Mobile App

When you or your coaches want to watch content on the move, pull up the library on your phone to show athlete how to safely perform the exercise in the gym, or scroll through the content in search of ideas, the Academy is right there in your pocket, 24/7/365.

How We’ll Support You

Access to The Gymnastics Growth Academy for you and 10 of your coaches

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Masterclass Recordings
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Content Videos
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Weekly Community Calls
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Exercise Library
Icon 6 - Gymnastics Coaching
Coaching Templates
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Learning Models
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Q&A Opportunities
PLUS + the designated leader also gets:
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1:1 calls with Nick
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Community Calls with other Leaders, Managers and Head Coaches
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Exclusive High Performance Health Check content
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3 x tickets to each Masterclass for team members

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to back yourself, invest in your growth, and join a tribe of leaders who are revolutionising the game.

Admittance to the Inner Circle is by application only.

Which plan is right for you?
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Don't just take our word for it – hear from actual members within the Inner Circle

Meet Chloe...

Get to know Chloe Carey, Head Coach and Owner of Harrogate Gymnastics Club, UK and long standing member of Nick Ruddock’s Inner Circle.

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Are you ready to head up a well run, successful and profitable club with a happy team, athletes achieving greater progress, and you able to take your foot off the pedal?

Join Nick Ruddock's Inner Circle

And say goodbye to resenting the club for sucking the life out of you

Admittance to the Inner Circle is by application only.

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Your Mentor and Coach

Nick Ruddock

Nick is recognised as a world leading coach educator and consultant within the international gymnastics community, having provided services to 25 international federations such as the national teams of Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. Nick is also a technical expert for European Gymnastics. Nick’s exposure to a wide range of clubs, coaches and systems across many countries and continents offers him a unique perspective on the sport, allowing him to soften the learning curve for gymnastics coaches and ‘change the way they coach forever.

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"Joining Nick Ruddock Gymnastics' Inner Circle program has been a game-changer for our club. Nick and his team go above and beyond to support our growth and development. Their expertise and dedication are evident in every aspect of the program. I highly recommend it to any coach or club who is serious about advancing and growth in the world of gymnastics."

Nikita Sukhanov
Evoke Gymnastics Club | GBR
Here’s just a handful of Nick’s clients
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