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How Ambitious Gymnastics Coaches Develop World Class Expertise That Rapidly Boosts Their Athletes’ Competition Results and Accolades, Without Having to Take Time Out of the Gym!

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Shortcut your path to top tier gymnastics coaching expertise and skyrocket your athletes to greater competition success.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re walking the Balance Beam of your coaching role unsupported, overwhelmed with the pressures of staying up to date with all the changes in the gymnastics industry and having nobody to turn to when the going gets tough?

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Do you secretly fear the athletes you coach are not achieving their fullest potential because you’re too busy in the gym to travel up and down the country attending courses to master new skills so you can teach them the latest techniques to outperform the competition? Are you fed up with trying to piece together random tidbits of free content to learn new skills and frustrated that you keep wasting your limited time on shiny new strategies that don’t work effectively, so your head spins trying to figure out what is working now, when so many noisy experts shouting conflicting advice at you from social media?

You’re an ambitious gymnastics club coach teaching athletes of any age, anywhere in the world. You want your athletes to reach their fullest potential, so they win more competitions and accolades. You are ready to master the holistic coaching and teaching skills that will give you the most up to date perspectives, techniques and practices to support your athletes to go the distance, but you can’t take days off to travel across the country for personal and career development classes when you’re always needed in the gym.

You’ve wished you have:

Introducing Nick Ruddock’s holistic learning, coaching and development membership …

The Gymnastics Growth Academy.

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What you get

For purpose-driven, athlete-centred, ambitious gymnastics coaches who are ready to take their expertise and their athlete’s success to the next level, in a supported, holistic coaching transformation.

Expert-Led Live and On-Demand Gymnastics Content:

Online content, delivered in a mix of live and pre-recorded video based sessions to cater for all timezones, covering topics such as, apparatus mastery, advanced coaching practices and skills and drills, so you come away from each session ready to put your new expertise into practice with your athletes and become the top flight club coach you are destined to be.

Guided by “The Coaching Quadrant”, you will develop in the areas crucial to your coaching success, such as mastering your mindset, fine-tuning your abilities, and expanding your beliefs, so your athletes reap the rewards of you unlocking your fullest potential.

Jam-packed bank of instantly downloadable templates for all the documents you need to keep track of your athletes’ progress, so you save the time and overwhelm of having to start from scratch when you want a new programming, tracking or scoring record-keeper in the gym.

The heartbeat of our Academy is the tight knit community of globally based gymnastic coaches. Tap into the collective expertise in your peer network in a safe and supportive environment where you can ask questions, receive advice from, and be inspired by your new close circle of gymnastics coaches who will be there for you at every step of the way. 

When you want to watch content on the move, pull up the library on your phone to show your athlete how to safely perform the exercise in the gym, or scroll through the content in search of ideas, you will have the Academy right there in your pocket, 24/7/365.

These calls are your opportunity to come together with your peers and learn what’s working with athletes around the world right now, plus get your questions answered by Nick personally, so you’re not staying stuck or losing motivation.

Say goodbye to feeling under supported, under-trained and overwhelmed in your gymnastics coaching role. Join the hundreds of gymnastics coaches from 60 countries around the world who are already unearthing their hidden potential, achieving greater levels of success and their athletes are making faster progress than ever before… Get instant access to the Gymnastics Growth Academy now.

Level up your coaching, take the Coaching Quadrant assessment today

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Don't just take our word for it – our members are singing praises from the rooftops, calling the Gymnastics Growth Academy "life-changing."

Meet Katie...

Get to know Katie Foster, Head Coach of WAG at Rugby Gymnastics Club, UK and a long term member of the Gymnastics Growth Academy.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to back yourself, invest in your growth, and join a tribe of coaches who are revolutionising the game.

Ready to tumble into success?

Welcome to the Gymnastics Growth Academy.

Here’s just a handful of Nick’s clients
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Your Mentor and Coach


Nick is recognised as a world leading coach educator and consultant within the international gymnastics community, having provided services to 25 international federations such as the national teams of Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. Nick is also a technical expert for European Gymnastics. Nick’s exposure to a wide range of clubs, coaches and systems across many countries and continents offers him a unique perspective on the sport, allowing him to soften the learning curve for gymnastics coaches and ‘change the way they coach forever.

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"I can already tell that my coaching abilities are growing exponentially since I joined the Gymnastics Growth Academy!"
Alfonso Barrie
"The Gymnastics Growth Academy is without doubt the most useful tool for developing as a Coach"
Tom Miller
United Kingdom

How We’ll Support You

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Q&A Opportunities
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£470 per year

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We understand that investing in your coaching development is a big decision, especially when every penny counts. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Gymnastics Growth Academy at a price that won’t break the bank. For just £47 per month – that’s less than the cost of a weekly coffee run – or a discounted rate of £470 per year, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of expertise, guidance, and community support. We’ve designed our pricing with you in mind, ensuring that high-quality coaching development is within reach for every budget. Rest assured, the value you’ll receive far outweighs the investment. Think of it as a vault of knowledge, waiting to unlock your coaching potential and propel you to new heights.

Level up your coaching, take the Coaching Quadrant assessment today

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