Who Else Wants To Tap Into TWO Of The Brightest Gymnastics Minds To Supercharge Their Gymnasts’ Physical Ability? 
If you’re an ambitious gymnastics coach and you want to improve how you understand AND implement physical preparation, then this is for you.
Nick Ruddock and Dr Dave Tilley
Hi, Nick Ruddock here. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t, so here’s a brief bio:

In my 14 years coaching gymnastics, I’ve done a lot of different things, including assistant, personal and national coaching roles to several GBR international medal winning athletes and teams. 

In fact, I was the first ever national coach for Great Britain’s juniors, and I worked closely with Amy Tinkler for a number of years as she ascended through the ranks and clinched the title of British Champion in 2015, as well as a World Medal.

These days, I work closely with a number of Private Clients all over the world, as well as (at last count) 12 international gymnastics federations, helping their coaches to get the very best out of their gymnasts.

When I’m not doing client work, I focus on helping the gymnastics community as a whole, running my own coaching clinics and conferences as well as guest lecturing at other events.

I love my work, and I really feel like I am making a difference.

But there is a problem. A BIG problem.

So much of the great stuff I provide revolves around me and my time.

And just like, you, I’ve only got 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No more, no less.

Which means one thing:
Right now, my business model doesn’t allow me to help as many gymnastics coaches as I’d like.
If you want to tap into my expertise, then you need to get to one of my events ‘in person’, and for lots of reasons, that’s just not possible for some gymnastics coaches.

So that’s why today I’m taking one BIG step towards gymnastics coaches all over the world, by introducing my first ever online programme.
And to kick things off with a bang, I’ve chosen to cover one of the single most important aspects of gymnastics coaching – Physical Preparation.
Why Physical Preparation?

Over the last 13 years, I’ve spent time A LOT of time with a lot of very high-performing coaches. 

And I’ve noticed that there’s one area of expertise that all high performing coaches have in common, with no exceptions:

High-level coaches respect and understand the critical role that physical preparation plays in their athletes’ journey to achieving world-class results. 

They know that technical mastery has a direct correlation with an athletes’ level of physical preparation – without the physical prep, the mastery doesn’t materialise.

I see many coaches working hard but seeing no results, like hamsters running on wheels, working hard but getting nowhere. Coaches who dedicate their lives to coaching without ever accomplishing their dreams. 

It’s not for the lack of trying. The truth is, that without proper physical preparation, you can’t get very far.
"Very informative, inspirational and mind blowing. The basics of the basics makes everything so much clearer and eye opening."
Emma Gillespie
You might be the best coach in the world when it comes to teaching technique, but if you aren’t going through the necessary physical preparation with your athletes there is almost no chance of them ascending right to the very top.
That might seem extreme. But it’s true. That’s what the last 14 years have taught me.

Without the right physical preparation, your athletes will almost certainly reach a plateau. They’ll get to a certain level, but won’t get any further, and certainly won’t reach ‘world class’ status.  

And if they don’t ‘plateau’, they’ll get injured.
Coaches all over the world are actually CAUSING injuries for their athletes, because they’re not equipping them with the foundations to actually cope with what they want them to do.
It’s not okay. It’s not something that ‘has to happen’. Why? Two reasons: 

1) Well, for a start, it is YOUR duty to keep your athlete safe.
Their parents have entrusted them into your care, and if you aren’t doing all you can to minimise injuries that could be career defining and debilitating, you’re not doing your job – it’s as simple as that.

2) You want your athletes training as much as you can. Stands to reason, right? To make progress, you need time. But if your athlete is always struggling with injuries, or they miss training sessions because their body isn’t right, you’re missing opportunities to help them reach their potential.

I don’t want to come down too hard on you, because the reality is that it’s not your fault.

It’s simply the case that the gymnastics community has been extremely poor at sharing this stuff – perhaps because a lot of people don’t know it!
"2 incredibly experienced, yet humble and relatable experts spoke so passionately about going back to basics of the basics. Clear and concise, whilst challenging you to change your thinking - really interesting!"
Ruth Nation
If you’ve struggled with your athletes plateauing, or getting a lot of injuries, then you are not alone.
Coaches all over the world are experiencing exactly the same issue, and it’s having a negative effect in terms of their ability to contribute world-class athletes to their country’s initiative.

The clubs and coaches that DO create those athletes understand the formula - the recipe that unlocks the doors to the next level of sporting performance.

And that’s exactly what I share in the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass – an online programme full of content-rich information that you can absorb and then take straight back to your gym and implement.
Here’s ‘what you get’ when you invest in the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass:
The bulk of the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass programme is based on a live masterclass I presented in June 2017 with Dr Dave Tilley.

The footage from that class has been professionally edited and cut into five modules designed to rapidly grow your knowledge on physical preparation AND your ability to put it into practice in your gym:

Session 1 - Dr Dave Tilley

Assessing true range of motion in the upper limbs - shoulder, elbow and wrist. (To protect the athletes from injury throughout all those hundreds of thousands of repetitions.) 

Session 2 - Nick Ruddock

Lower limb plyometrics and the concept of ’stiffness’ (the key ingredient that 99% of gymnasts are missing which is causing them to fail on this.)

Session 3 - Dr Dave Tilley

Improving flexibility and assessing range of movement in the hips and lower limbs. (Including why your athletes' splits aren’t improving despite all the stretching they are doing!)

Session 4 - Dr Dave Tilley

Leg conditioning and strengthening principles to keep your athletes robust, safe and off the medical table. 

Session 5 - Nick Ruddock

A short session continuing the theme of stiffness, looking at some basic core exercises to keep your athletes' well balanced. 
Each module runs for between 20 and 60 minutes and focuses on a different element of Physical Preparation, and amongst other things, here’s a snippet of the kind of information you can expect:
  • The serious flaw when it comes to conventional flexibility methods and why the common held belief is utterly incorrect 
  • The factors that are preventing your athletes from becoming truly plyometric
  • The step-by-step guide to ensuring your athletes’ foundations are correct
  • Important techniques to maintain safety and prolong your athletes’ careers
  • How to ensure that your physical preparation regime dovetails perfectly with modern strength and conditioning practices
  • The aspects of anatomy that all good gymnastics coaches should know, and what that knowledge means for your coaching 
  • The key principles of movement that you can apply to all gymnastics and sports 
  • The key movement competencies your athletes must have to underpin and increase the chances of safe performance.
  • Plus much more ...
Oh, and one very important thing:
None of this content is based on theory. Dr Dave Tilley and I work ‘on the ground’ every single day, and everything we share is backed up by evidence and experience.
"I'm bursting with ideas and new innovations to take back to our club! I was amazed at just how much new information was provided and that it was done so in such a clear and easy to understand manner! This will be totally changing for our gymnasts."
Emma Owers 
In addition to the professionally edited footage, with practical examples littered throughout, you’ll also receive:

• Fast Start Facebook Live. Dave Tilley and I have recorded an in-depth tutorial around the subject that complements the existing footage and gives you more information to learn from, action, implement and benefit from.

• ‘Nick and Dave's Swipe File’. I’ve been at this for a long time, and without bragging I’ve been in some pretty esteemed company over the years and accessed a lot of fantastic content. As part of the ‘Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass’, we'll also share with you what we consider to be some of the most important resources there are on physical preparation, many of which come from Dave's awesome blog. 

• Digital 'Octimisation' Tool. This tool is exactly what I use when I work with international federations, helping them from the ground up, and I know that it’ll be enormously helpful for you.

• Exclusive Interview between myself and Dave Tilley. A near 40 minute long interview, packed full of the questions you need answering.

Is the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass for you?
If you’re a gymnastics coach - regardless of the discipline - and you want your athletes to be fitter, stronger and more flexible then I’ve no doubt that you’ll get some really useful information from the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass; information that can drastically improve your athletes and the results that they get.

But even if you don’t coach gymnastics – if you work with any athletes and you want to improve their strength and conditioning and prepare them for the hurly-burly world of sport or athletics, then physical preparation is a must for you too, and you’ll find this programme of immense value.

The reality is that if you coach athletes, then you understand that one of the biggest challenges is improving flexibility.

Do it wrong and you risk causing damage to joints and ligaments.

Do it right, and your athlete will have a solid base on which to build other skills, will get injured less and have a much better chance of fulfilling their potential.
The Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass is all about how to do it right, so if that sounds good to you, then investing in this programme would be a sound decision.
Now, just to be absolutely clear, this programme is not the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to physical preparation.

It really is a MASSIVE topic, that involves a lifetime of learning (I’m still learning myself!), and this programme focuses on some of the key things you should be doing (and NOT doing).

Nevertheless, by investing in this programme and implementing what you learn, you’ll be in a much better place than any coach that doesn’t give physical preparation the importance it deserves.
Who is this Dr Dave Tilley character?
Dr Dave Tilley is one of the foremost medical authorities in the gymnastics world and is known for challenging conventional and traditional flexibility methods – methods that have been used for decades.

Dave preaches something very different, and in the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass he presents up-to-date, scientifically accurate and logical information, all designed to prolong gymnasts’ careers, keep them safe and give them the very best chance of achieving their potential.

Dave was a competitive gymnast for 18 years, four of those years as part of the Springfield College team in Boston, Massachusetts, and in 2014 he founded SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Movement – a company designed to educate those involved in gymnastics, weight-lifting, CrossFit and other sports.
"It was amazing to have physical preparation delivered with such confidence and knowledge. This is an area that i feel is often conflicting, yesterday was without doubt the best course/lecture I've ever had on physical Preparation. Very pleased to be a part of the day."
Kate Lawton
What’s The Investment?
Ever since I started working with gymnastics coaches, I’ve been passionate about providing value-for-money education, advice, consulting and training that they can actually afford, and this is absolutely no exception.

For that reason, I’ve priced the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass at just £159.99 – a small investment when you consider that you’re getting hours of content that will have a profound impact on your ability to positively coach your athletes.

And when you consider that my consultation fee for a one-off session with gymnastics clubs and federations is a minimum of £499, and you’re getting over three hours of content (that you can keep forever) for less than HALF that price, the investment looks even more reasonable.
Still On The Fence?
If you’re still not sure that you can benefit from the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass, then there’s not much more I can do, but I do urge you to think through your decision carefully before coming to a conclusion.

It might be that you don’t feel like you’ve got time to digest this all at the moment – if that’s you, I suggest you make the investment anyway. This programme will never be available again at this price, and once you invest, you’ve got it for life, meaning that you can digest the content at a later date whilst still benefitting from the fast action bonuses.

It might be that Physical Preparation doesn’t excite you enough. If that’s the case, then I understand, but urge you to reconsider. It isn’t sexy, it isn’t snazzy, but trust me when I tell you that unless you get this bit right, you’ll never get past a certain level as a coach, because your athletes simply won’t be capable of doing what you want them to do.

Maybe you’re worried that it might be too “high level” or full of technical language. If you are concerned about that, then please hear me loud and clear: I’ve done everything I can to keep jargon to a minimum and ensure that the information presented is as clear, concise and easy to understand as possible, and the result is a programme that all coaches can get massive learns from, irrespective of experience.

There’s a chance you might not think that it’s right for you. It’s fair to say that I do most of my work with Woman’s Artistic Coaches, but this programme is not just for them. If you’re a coach of any sport, and you want to improve your athletes’ range of motion and flexibility safely, then you’ll get huge value from this.
Still Not Sure?
If you don’t think that tapping into content designed specifically to help people like you to coach better, develop better athletes and experience more success is a smart thing to do…

If you don’t see a benefit in learning from not one, but two of gymnastics’ brightest minds…

If you’re not concerned about the safety of your athletes…

If you’ve got no desire to further yourself as a coach… 

…then don’t worry about it. Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re serious about:

1. Becoming a better coach
2. Getting better results for your athletes
3. Keeping your athletes safe
4. Developing yourself personally and professionally… 

…then this programme is for you.
To take advantage, just click the big button below and make your investment. 
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given instant access to all the content, so you can start learning and implementing straight away. 

I really am exceptionally pleased with this programme and I know that everyone who invests in it and uses it will find it hugely beneficial. 

Thanks for your time – hopefully I’ll see you in a gym soon before too long. 

Talk soon, 
Nick Ruddock

P.S. Click the big button below now and get instant access to the Physical Preparation Digital Masterclass (my first ever online programme) for just £159.99.
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