Performance Gymnastics Coach, Consultant and Speaker
Optimising athlete and coach performance from grass roots to gold standard
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Just a handful of Nick's happy clients ...
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Donatella Sacchi
President of the WTC
Federation of International Gymnastics
‘Without any doubt, Nick has extraordinary qualities as a coach and a technician!’
About Nick

If you want better results from your coaches, athletes or team, then the chances are Nick can help ...
  • Former National Coach to GBR WAG Gymnastics Team
  • Technical Expert for the Union of European Gymnastics
  • Consultant to over a dozen international federations
  • Former coach to European, World & Olympic Medallists
  • Advisor to multiple professional sports teams
"Nick's tremendous work ethic and desire have helped him become one of the top coaches in Great Britain. He won't disappoint!"
Valeri Liukin
Head Coach/Owner
WOGA Gymnastics
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Takashi Kobayashi
Former Head Coach,
 Japanese WAG Team
"Nick’s professionalism, style and high technical knowledge was invaluable to both our athletes and coaches, who all learned enormous amounts."
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