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If you’re serious about growing the extra mile, and you want to learn from someone who's worked all over the world, advised countless international federations and worked with some of the planet's best gymnasts, you're in the right place

Hi, I’m Nick.

Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t, so here’s the two-second summary:

I exist to help gymnastics coaches like you be the best you can be, tapping into my 17 years’ experience of working with over 20 international federations, coaching Olympians and helping to win medals.

I’m proud of my achievements over the years, but I know they wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and mentorship I’ve been so lucky to receive.

Coach Developer of the Year Finalist 2019

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Now, my team and I spend our time giving back, and providing support to the many thousands of ambitious coaches out there; the coaches who are eager to get up and grow, but need the right guidance and direction.

if you:

Want to give your athletes the very best chance at success…

Are ambitious, and want to pass your next coaching qualification…

Care deeply about having happy and healthy athletes, and creating a safe, nice environment for them…

…you’re in the right place.

Here at Nick Ruddock Gymnastics, you’ll find several ways to join this global community of coaches, all looking to do one thing:

So whether you need a voice to cut through the clutter and conflicting advice that’s out there…

You feel like your progress as a coach is slowing, or stopped completely…

You struggle to find the time to learn, with a busy life and schedule…

You need a safe space to share, learn and grow, without being criticised or feeling stupid…

…we can help.

Only through personal GROWTH can we improve as coaches, leaders, business owners and practitioners.

Only through GROWTH can our athletes fulfil their potential; winning more medals, experiencing fewer injuries and enjoying their journey more.

And that’s exactly what we’re committed to helping you to do – to stop going through the motions, and start GROWING through them instead.

So, if you’re a gymnastics coach seeking opportunities to improve performance and serve your athletes better, welcome – it’s great to see you here.

We’ve got the tools, tactics and knowledge to help you succeed, as we have done for so many coaches worldwide.

To start your growth journey, have a browse around the site and see what’s available. Let’s go, and let’s grow!


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