Nick Ruddock’s

Inner Circle

the best and most in-depth support package available for gymnastics coaches and club owners.

The Inner circle

If you’re an ambitious coach or leader, and serious about being the best you possibly can be, Inner Circle is the programme for you.

You wouldn’t dream of allowing your athletes to train on their own every single day, would you?

Yet every single day, coaches continue to be heavily involved in athletes’ development, without doing anything to develop themselves.

That’s where INNER CIRCLE comes in – from training plans to club culture and ethos, Nick Ruddock’s Inner Circle exists to help you, your club and athletes develop.

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What is

Inner Circle?

If you want to work closely with Nick,

Inner Circle is the way to do it.

INNER CIRCLE doesn’t have thousands of members, because it’s just that: an inner circle - a close-knit group of people, learning from Nick and each other to be the best possible coaches they can be.
For under £300 a month, Inner Circle membership gives you the chance to work directly with Nick, to drastically improve your coaching ability,

ensure that you have all the right tools to develop your athletes and to be welcomed into a small, select group of coaches, all on the same page, and all with the same goals.
And even if you don’t actively coach, as a club owner, Inner Circle will help you structure your club, create the right culture and do the very best with the tools at your disposal.

Nick’s enthusiasm and passion has re-kindled my own passion to grow the business and grow the gymnasts. 

Nicola Lewis | Neath Afan Gymnastics Club, GBR

The content Nick is providing is incredible and there is nothing else like it out there in the gymnastics field.

Rabin Beloo | Chelmsford Gymnastics Club, GBR

What‘You Get’

When you join

Inner Circle

When you become an Inner Circle member, you get access to stacks of value, both online and offline, in-person and on-demand; all of which can be used to dramatically improve your coaching performance, and the results you can achieve.

Here’s how it works:

Bi-monthly athlete training sessions

Every two months, you’ll be invited to a live training day with a couple of your athletes, exclusively for Inner Circle members.

During that day, Nick will co-deliver training and assist with the direction of the session, as well as sharing actionable insights that you can take back to your club and implement instantly.

1:1 Online Coaching

In addition to the live group sessions, you’ll also get an online coaching session, with Nick, each and every month. You’ll work on the things most important to you and your club, and each month, Nick will hold you accountable, making sure you’re taking action and making progress.

Thriving Community

Community is a key part of what makes Inner Circle so effective and so unique, and as a member, you’ll have access to exclusive WhatsApp and Facebook groups, allowing you to rub shoulders with other coaches and develop key relationships and friendships to help you on your coaching journey.

The coaches currently part of the programme have 100 years + of experience in running clubs and programmes, and that’s on top of Nick’s work with international federations and some of the legends of our sport, so it’s fair to say that when you join, you’ll be tapping into some serious expertise.

Weekly Zoom Calls

Once a week, the Inner Circle will get together on Zoom, and this is your opportunity to get in-depth expert advice and help on your specific situation, as well as learning from other people’s questions, answers and thoughts.

Unlimited Email Support

Nick’s a busy man, but as an Inner Circle client, he’ll make time for you every single month, to ensure that all of your queries and questions are dealt with. Drop him an email, ask him a question, and he’ll get back to you within 48 hours to share his wisdom and experience.

‘All Access’ Digital Content Pass

We’ve created A LOT of content over the years – from physical preparation to choreography - and you’ll get access to all of it, included in your Inner Circle subscription.

Complimentary Events Access

As one of Nick’s Inner Circle clients, you’re welcome to attend all live events, at no extra charge.

Discounted Consultancy Fees

Nick’s consultancy fees start at £570 per day, but as an Inner Circle client you’ll enjoy dramatic discounts on those fees.

Gymnastics Growth Academy access

The Gymnastics Growth Academy is the world’s leading educational programme for ambitious gymnastics coaches. Membership starts at £47 per month, but you’ll get access to it for you and five other team members, included in your Inner Circle subscription.

Don’t just take our word for it

Watch the video to hear from some of our members

Is inner circle for you?

Inner Circle is NOT for everyone, but if you’re a coach with lots of responsibilities at your club,
or you’re the club owner and you’re responsible for everything, you’ll likely get a lot from it.

if :

You’re ambitious, and very serious about improving your performance

You’re a lead or head coach, and you’re able to influence the structure of your performance programme…

You’ve got authority to improve and change the overall structure of your club…

You’re open-minded and passionate about growth and development…

You don’t just learn, but actually implement what you learn…

You appreciate the chance to work personally with Nick…

…the chances are that Inner Circle is right for you.

If you can’t hand on heart say that the above is true, then we recommend you start with Gymnastics Growth Academy, which really has been created with every gymnastics coach, no matter their level or background, in mind.

I never want to leave the monthly meetings!

Josie Hayes | Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club, GBR

It's hugely valuable having a coach like Nick work with you on an individual basis.

Patrick Redfern | Southern Canberra Gymnastics Club, AUS

Without a doubt our club has benefitted from the support, advice and guidance of the Inner Circle programme.

Heather Sampford | Worthing Gymnastics Club, GBR

How to apply

Inner Circle is an investment of JUST £297 A MONTH, and when you consider the sheer volume of help and expertise you get for that price, it’s clear that it represents fantastic value for money.

Nevertheless, it is clearly an important investment, which is one of the reasons we insist on an application process, to ensure that the programme is right for you, that you can get maximum value from it, and that you’re a good fit.

You absolutely do not need to be a high level coach to join Inner Circle, but you do have to be ambitious and share our values – during the application process, we’ll both come to understand whether we’re a good fit or not.

To apply, all you need to do is click ‘Apply Now’ on this page, and complete the short application form.
Once you’ve done that, we’ll be in touch to schedule a short call, where we’ll discuss your club, programme and goals, and if we’re both happy to proceed at that point, we’ll go ahead and get you set up as an Inner Circle member.

If you’re not sure you’re a good fit, our advice is to submit an application and we’ll talk it through – if we don’t think it’s right for you, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Click apply now and let’s get your application started…