Join Me And Some Of The Smartest Minds In Gymnastics ‘Around The Table’,  To Discover What’s Working Right Now For Coaches And International Federations All Around The World
Hi, it's Nick here.
If you've ever been at all interested in working with me, but it hasn't been the 'right time', or you or your club have been unable to meet the fees required for my 1:1 consultancy, then keep reading, because I'm going to unveil something very special on this page.

And even if you've never considered working with me, but you've enjoyed the content I share online, in my Facebook group and at my live events, I suggest reading what I've got to say, as I think you'll be interested too.

But first, let me get the introductions out of the way, because I'd never assume that anyone knows who I am:
My name's Nick. I'm a gymnastics coach and consultant, and in the last 15 years I've worked closely with coaches and athletes all over the world, in a number of different roles, including assistant, personal and national coaching positions, working with some of Britain's most successful gymnasts. 

In fact, I was the first ever national coach for Great Britain's juniors, and I worked closely with Amy Tinkler for a number of years as she ascended through the ranks and clinched the title of British Champion in 2015, as well as a World Medal.

And after that vital formative period, I made the decision to start my own consultancy.

I now work with switched-on gymnastics coaches here in the UK, as well as over 15 international federations all around the world, including Australia, Germany, Romania, Japan, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I work with the coaches, with the boards and with the top brass, helping them with every element of their gymnastics programme, from their long-term vision to their daily training schedules.
And it works. Exceptionally well in fact, which means that the demand for my services is only increasing.

The more work I do, the more offers I get - the ink's just dried on another contract for another international federation as I write this.

So it's fair to say that my life has gotten pretty crazy over the last few years.

If you follow my work, blog or videos, you'll know what I mean - I'm virtually nomadic!

The truth is: I spend about 10% of my life at "home", and the remaining 90% travelling to and working with my handful of UK clients, and various international federations all over the world.
I've gotten to know the UK road network like the back of my hand, and I've clocked up more than my fair share of air miles too.

It all sounds good, right?

I'm travelling the world, doing what I love, sharing my knowledge and expertise and helping coaches and athletes to reach their ultimate potential.

It IS good.

I wouldn't change it for anything. 

I love my work, my clients and the athletes I have the pleasure of working with, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there is a problem with it.
Nick with the Japanese National Team in 2014
I can't help as many people as I want to.
Glance at my diary any week of the year, and you'll find precious few gaps, and the truth of the matter is that I've got a lot more work requests than I've got capacity.
In fact, generally speaking, my diary's booked up six months in advance, and already the latter end of 2018 is looking pretty chockablock.

Which means that I simply can't say 'yes' to the majority of work that I want to say yes to.

In fact, there's not a week that goes by that I don't have to say 'no' to a coaching or consultancy request.

And I HATE it.

I hate turning away potential clients who are keen to learn and further themselves, likeminded people who understand and respect the value of personal development and guidance. 

And even if I am able to do the work, the reality is that I'm not cheap, and consequently I'm out of reach for quite a large proportion of the coaches and clubs looking to power up their development.

So the long and short of it is this:

I need to do something about it.

I love my life too much to give up the time on the road, and in any case, I need to do what's right for me, my family and my career, and doing the international trips is clearly an important part of that.
Nick regularly consults for the German National Team and the Coaches & Gymnasts of Stuttgart
But equally I can't carry on not serving people that I really want to serve.

I can't carry on, knowing that there's people that could benefit from what I can provide, but currently can't because of their budget or my capacity.

With all of this in mind, I've thought long and hard about how I can work with more people, increase the positive impact I can have on the gymnastics community, help even more coaches and athletes and ultimately, make a positive contribution to their results and happiness. 

I want to give back to the community what it has given me: passion, purpose, a career and opportunity. 

And that's why I've made the decision to launch something brand new, the likes of which has never been seen in the world of gymnastics.
I'd like to introduce you to Nick Ruddock's Inner Circle - a unique group coaching programme for ambitious gymnastics coaches, designed to drastically improve their coaching output and the results that they get for their clubs and their athletes.
With Inner Circle, I'm compiling a group of the most ambitious coaches around, and via a mix of live roundtable meetings, high-level guest speakers, regular online webinars, scheduled calls, an exclusive Facebook group, email support and access to my library of templates and coaching resources, I'll be sharing EVERYTHING I know.

And because I work with so many different clubs and federations and in so many different countries, and because I'll lean on all of those experiences to deliver the very best content I can, it's fair to say that the information I'll have to share will be GAMECHANGING, as long as it's implemented.

And it's not like the international trips will stop, so the content will just keep coming, which means that my Inner Circle members will always have access to what's working RIGHT NOW.
Without any doubt, Nick has extraordinary qualities as a coach and a technician!
Donatella Sacchi
President FIG WTC
Nick’s professionalism, style and high technical knowledge was invaluable to both our athletes and coaches, who all learned enormous amounts.
Takashi Kobayashi
Former Head Coach,
 Japanese WAG Team
Nick's tremendous work ethic and desire have helped him become one of the top coaches in Great Britain. He won't disappoint!
Valeri Liukin
"Why Does The World Need Nick Ruddock's Inner Circle?"
It's a vital question. In fact, I recommend all coaches asking it about EVERYTHING they do.
"Why do we do warmups like that?"

"Why does our training schedule look like this?"

Unless you know WHY you're doing something, then the reality is that you're just floating along, either doing it because that's how it's always been done, or because you haven't thought about it enough to consider whether there's a better way.

Anyway, I digress.

It's VITAL for me to consider WHY I'm launching Inner Circle.

And I have done. 

I've spent long flights mulling it over. 

I've spoken to trusted advisors about it.  

I've polled gymnastics coaches all over the world about it. 
And here's WHY I'm doing it:
because the gymnastics world TRULY needs it.
My travels have taken me far and wide, into hundreds of clubs, with thousands of athletes and coaches.

It's fair to say that after being 'on the shop floor' in all these countries and clubs, I've got a pretty good feel for what's working and what's not in the high performance community.
It has also allowed me to study successful coaches who consistently produce phenomenal results.

As a coach, you may be spending upwards of 25 hours within the same four walls each week, and the fact of the matter is that being in the same environment all of the time is suppressing your creativity.

As humans, we're creatures of habit, and it doesn't take us long to create behaviour and thought patterns which are difficult to undo, like your athletes' bad habits that you're always trying to remedy.

Sure, you may attend a workshop or event a couple of times a year, but just like a pill which stops being effective the moment you stop taking it, it doesn't take long to revert to your usual coaching behaviours and patterns when you get back home.

There's a good chance that you spend a fair bit of time online, looking for resources to help improve your coaching, but here lies one of my main concerns…
Nick with the Australian National Team Gymnasts and Coaches
The majority of coaches focus their energy and attention on the wrong aspects of their development.
Unsurprisingly, they're attracted to the shiny objects and exciting bits of coaching, such as the big tricks, the spotting and all the hundreds of different drills that their athletes could be doing.

These coaches scour YouTube for hours and hours, and subscribe to services that provide them with even more drills and preps, but here's the stark reality:

They will never see an improvement in their athletes.

Because the problem is not actually the fact that they don't have the right drills.

The rise of the Internet and the ready availability of videos has only served to make the good coaches even better, because they understand how to implement them within an overall approach that works.
Nick Ruddock's lectures were spot on for any coach at any level. His "fundamentals first" approach is the foundation for any successful program.
Peggy Liddick
Former Head Coach
I am very thankful for the advice with regards to programming and coaching philosophy that Nick provided in his time working with us. I know that the experience has made my gymnasts better athletes and our coaches better leaders.
Joshua Fabian
Senior Coach. National Centre of Excellence, Perth.
Great communication skills and a clear vision. A vision which is a great help for high, but also lower level coaches. We’re sure to ask Nick back to come to the Netherlands and help educate our coaches.
Martin Nijkamp
Development Head Coach 
Team Netherlands
Those who simply copy and paste the videos into their programme often don't see any performance progress at all, and that won't change in the future either.

Whilst drills and preps are clearly important, they make up only a fraction of the development of a coach, and they are actually much lower down the priority list of qualities and characteristics that will determine whether a coach will reach a high performance level.

Whilst the other areas aren't as glamorous, they are far more beneficial, and will contribute significantly to improved results for both athlete and coach alike.

The best way of thinking about this is the difference between a chef's ingredients, and the recipe.

It doesn't matter how good the quality of the ingredients are, if the recipe is wrong, the end result is flawed.
Nick and Leonni with the German Senior National Team
Now it's easy to be overwhelmed with all the knowledge and topics required to be a high performing coach, but in reality, each of these topics are actually quite easy to understand; it's just that there are a lot of topics!

The problem is, we don't always know WHAT it is what we don't know.

And of course, there is also all sorts of conflicting information around, which just muddies the waters further.

You know the drill:

'This coach told me to do this, but this coach told me to do this instead'

Look, none of this stuff is your fault, and it's something that all coaches have to go through.

Even the legendary coaches started as amateurs.
But here's the reality: those that KNOW better, DO better. 
But what if you don't know better?

When that's the case, I find this quote useful:

'Know what you know. Know what you don't know. Know somebody who can teach you what you don't know.'
And that - in a nutshell - is why I've put Inner Circle together: to make sure that every coach who is hungry to learn can access people who can teach them what they don't know.
You wouldn't dream of allowing your athletes to train on their own every single day, so why do many coaches coach without being coached themselves?

You see, sometimes we are so close to our programme that we can't see the dysfunctional elements.

It's not until someone else casts a fresh set of eyes on it, or shares some valuable insight that changes it or enhances it that we're able to refine and optimise its performance.

And it's no different for me.

I've got several coaches who continue to teach me what I don't know, including Valeri Liukin, Al and Armine Barutyan Fong, Ulla Koch and Guti Probst to name just a few.
Nick is a technical expert and tutor for the Union of European Gymnastics
They are the very coaches who took me from being a recreational gymnast, participating in just one or two hours of gymnastics a week, to being a national coach, and now consultant to over a dozen international federations in the space of just a few years.

As a coach, you're likely aware of Newtons laws, and Newton's first law states that any object remains in a state of motionless until an external force is acted upon it.
That doesn't just apply to objects, it applies to you too. You're going to remain at the same stage of coaching unless you take action. 
So look into your crystal ball and think very honestly.

If you continue coaching at your current rate of learning, do you realistically see yourself achieving your ambitions within the sport?

Perhaps an easier question to ask is how much progress you've made in the last 12 months?

Have you made mindblowing progress?

Are you totally inspired and motivated?

Do you know where you're going wrong?

If the answer to any of those questions is "no", it just cements my certainty that the world needs Inner Circle.
Nick with members of the Dutch National Team
Although my education reach is already well into the thousands, and I've contributed to some transformational results for coaches all over the world, I've been frustrated that not everybody is able to have access to high performance mentoring and guidance.

Even some of the workshops that I run leave me frustrated that there is so much content to cover in just the two or three days I am visiting.
I want to help MORE people, and education is my oxygen.

Just like many coaches have mentored me, I feel it is my duty to do the same for others.

And I'll be honest: I love it, and it gives me just as much enjoyment to see a coach fulfilling their potential as I get seeing an athlete step onto the podium to receive their medal.
That's my aim for Inner Circle: to give coaches access to the things that they don't know, and the things that'll make the biggest difference to their progress.
And that's why I'm making myself available in a way that I NEVER have before.

And if having access to me in a way that only a few elite clubs and a group of international federations experience sounds good to you, then keep reading to find out if Inner Circle is right for you, and exactly 'what you get' when you join.
"Are You The Ideal Candidate For My Inner Circle?"
Let me be absolutely clear, Inner Circle is NOT for everyone.

Over the past few months, I've thought very hard indeed about how I can best help as many people as possible.

I provide FREE content to my email list and Facebook group, to make sure that I provide something that ALL coaches can benefit from, no matter their club structure, and no matter the level they're at.

I also put on my annual Gymnastics Conference, where for an affordable one-off fee, all gymnastics coaches can come and access information that has a real impact.

But Inner Circle is something more than that.

And as such, it requires the right coaches, in the right roles and with the right expectations.
  • If you're a lead coach or a head coach, and you're in a position to influence the structure of your performance programme…
  • If you've got the authority to work on the overall structure of your club…
  • If you've got an open mind and you're passionate about growth and personal development…
  • If you're someone who doesn't just learn, but actually implements…
  • If you're completely serious about improving your performance…
  • If you currently don't have access to a high performance coach or mentor…
  • If you appreciate the opportunity to work personally with me, something which up until now has only been available to a select number of clients and international federations…
  • If you don't just want to participate but you want to WIN medals…
…then the chances are that Inner Circle is right for you.

If you're still reading, then the chances are that something about Inner Circle has caught your attention, and you think you might be an ideal candidate to join the programme.

And if that's the case, you probably want some information, right?

I'll give you it in a second, before do, let me just tell you what Inner Circle is DEFINITELY NOT:
  •  It's NOT dull theory work, with no practical application whatsoever.
  •  It's NOT sitting in a classroom, being lectured about heavy topics and feeling bored out of your mind.
  •  It's NOT 'flavour of the month' stuff and flashy tactics which won't make a real difference to your club.
In fact, I'd wager that Inner Circle is unlike anything else out there.
Nick's lectures were very well structured, very targeted and easy to understand for a multilingual audience
Zoltan Jordanov
Former WAG Head Coach
Nick always leaves us motivated, with new ideas and helpful hints which have had a very positive impact on our athletes.
Chloe Carey
Head Coach
Harrogate Gymnastics Club
All who attend his lectures and clinics have a truly motivating experience
Maria McLoughlin
British Gymnastics WTC Chair
Here's What You Get When You Join My Inner Circle:
Ten Face-To-Face Meetings
Ten times a year, you'll sit round a table with me and the rest of the Inner Circle members for a full day of learning.
I'll deliver brand new content at every single meeting, and I'll also be bringing along several high level guests to some of the meetings - I've already secured Ulla Koch (German National Team Head Coach) and Gerben Wiersma (Dutch National Team Head Coach), and I'm hugely excited about giving my Inner Circle members access to their expertise.

The meetings will be a fantastic opportunity to discuss hot topics, stumbling blocks, and key areas for optimisation, and you'll get the benefit of my expertise and advice (as well as that of my guest experts) on your specific problems, issues and opportunities.

We'll deal with everything from your grass roots issues to technical coaching methodology and technique development, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to getting you the results you want.

These round-tables will be hosted in a nice hotel in the Midlands, starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm to give members plenty of time to travel there and back in a day, and you'll be fed and watered throughout the day too.
Weekly Group Video Calls
The key to progress isn't just learning a load of stuff, it's about making sure that things actually happen as a result of that 'stuff'.

That's why - in addition - to the ten full-day 'in person' meetings, you'll also have access to a weekly group conference call with me using some nifty online software.

These calls will help you stay on track and ensure that you actually implement the things that we discuss in our meetings, giving you and your club the best chance of achieving the results you want.

Because of the nature of my schedule, these won't be at the same time every week, but don't worry if you can't make a call - every single one will be recorded and emailed to the Inner Circle members, so you'll be able to catch up.
Access To My Swipe-File And Library
I regularly produce resources for clients who pay my near four-figure day-rate, and it'll be these kinds of resources that I'll make available to my Inner Circle members, giving you access to coaching templates and resources that I use at the very highest level and that you can use too in your club.
Regular 1:1 Calls With Me
In addition to the group stuff, I'm going to be working with you personally to help you achieve your goals. Now just to be clear, I can't spend the whole month on the phone, so these are subject to a 'fair use' policy (basically, I'll tell you if you're asking for too much!).

You'll be able to schedule a call with me with 72 hours notice, and we'll talk about whatever you want; whether it's a problem, opportunity or just general guidance.
'All You Can Eat' Email Support
Like most of us, I'm glued to my smartphone, so often the best and quickest way to get advice is to drop me an email. I can't guarantee that I'll come back to you within two minutes, but give me two days and you'll get a considered response to whatever question or problem you've got.
Exclusive Facebook Community
You'll be invited to join a private Facebook group purely for me and members of my Inner Circle. The group will be a fantastic opportunity for you to get access to me, but also to other smart and switched-on gymnastics coaches. 

Often we learn just as much from other peoples' issues and problems as we do from our own, so I anticipate that the group will be a hugely powerful resource for each member.
FREE VIP Upgrade AND Exclusive Discount For Every 'Big' Event
When I run a big gymnastics event, you'll get the first option to secure your tickets, the very best possible rate on those tickets (with an Inner Circle specific discount) AND you'll get a free VIP upgrade too.
I'm very serious when I say that what I've got in store for Inner Circle over the next 18 months has the power to DRAMATICALLY and SEISMICALLY change the fortunes of the coaches and clubs that are involved, and I'm seriously excited about getting started.
And the chances are that if you're reading this, you are too.

But I bet you've got questions, and I bet that one of the principal ones is about cost.

I don't blame you - it's a fundamentally important consideration, and one that I've thought A LOT about.

But I haven't just plucked a figure out of the air - I've spoken to numerous gymnastics coaches about what is fair and realistic, to ensure I'm pitching this right.

But before I share the figure with you, let me give you a couple of pieces of information:

1. My DAILY consulting fee is £697, and your investment to join the Inner Circle will be nowhere near that, for an entire month's worth of help and support from yours truly.

2. I personally think that this should be seen as a CLUB investment, not a 'coach' investment. I'm not unrealistic, I understand that most gymnastics coaches don't have unlimited pots of cash to spend on personal development.
That's not to say that some coaches may want to join the Inner Circle off their own back, and I've made it as affordable as possible to accommodate those coaches, but I've designed the Inner Circle as a club investment - that's why different coaches from the same club are able to come to different round-table meetings. 

It's why you can purchase 'bolt on' memberships, allowing more than one coach to come to a meeting, and it's also why I'll film as much of the content as I can, so it can be consumed by the entire club.

So, with that all said, the monthly investment to become an Inner Circle member is just £297, which I'm sure you'll agree is fantastic value considering it gives you a pretty much unprecedented level of access to me - the only people that get more are my private clients who routinely invest multiple four figure sums each month for my consultancy.
Nick and the Romanian National Team
Your Investment
  • 10 x Face to Face Meetings per Year
  • Weekly Live Conference Calls
  • Swipe File Library
  • 1:1 Calls with Nick
  • Email Support
  • Members Only Facebook Group Access
  • VIP Upgrades & Discount for Event Tickets
'Bolt on' EXTRA coaches
  • Want to bring additional coaches to the monthly meetings? Pay just £47 extra per coach to be in the room.
  • *Bolt on coaches do not benefit from additional features*
When you consider the huge amount of content and interaction you're getting, I'm sure you'll agree with me that Inner Circle membership is an absolute steal at that price, and for as long as you're a member, your price will remain the same, regardless of any increases for new members.
Nick's lectures were very well structured, very targeted and easy to understand for a multilingual audience
Zoltan Jordanov
Former WAG Head Coach
I was one of the first subscribers on Nick’s email series, and have read every email and blog post he has put out. Nick's content has been pure gold and has helped me develop massively as a coach. 
Pat Redfern
MAG Coach, Australia
Rarely have I seen such a well thought out, well presented, accessible and relatable presentation on the study of coaching.
Cody Moore
WAG Coach, Australia
Your Commitment To Partnership
There aren't any 'catches' or sneaky bits of small print when you join Inner Circle.

That being said, I really don't want to bring in people who aren't right for the programme, which is why I'm asking you for a commitment of six months.

I won't make you sign anything, and I won't hold you to ransom if you decide you don't want to continue after the first month, but what I will say is that there is no 'silver bullet', and that if you're serious about generating great results for you, your club and your athletes, then you really do need to give things time to flourish.

Unless you're prepared to give Inner Circle at least six months, then the chances are that it's not right for you.
Inner Circle Membership Is Application Only
Look, I'm very serious about my Inner Circle being the very best ongoing gymnastics education experience in the entire world.

I'm an ambitious guy, and I've got HUGE plans for the next few years.

Plans that depend on me generating genuine and significant results for the coaches and athletes that I work with.

Results which I'll never achieve if I just take anyone's money, let anyone join Inner Circle and generally don't do the due diligence I need to to make certain that it's the right fit for every single person who comes on board.

Which means that I'm insisting on an application process.

It's not long, or complicated, but it'll give me the opportunity to identify whether it's right for you, and give you the information you need to determine if it's the right fit for you.

This is how it works:
  • 1. You click the button at the bottom of this page, and fill in the form on the following page
  • 2. I'll be in touch to schedule a call
  • 3. On that call we'll discuss where your club is at, how it's structured and what your goals are
  • 4. If we're both happy to proceed at that point, then I'll take your first payment, and you'll be a fully paid up founder member of my Inner Circle
My advice is this: if you think that Inner Circle could be right for you, but you're not 100% sure, submit an application and we'll chat. If I genuinely don't think it's right for you on the call, I'll be sure to let you know.
Some Likely Questions You May Have
Can I bring extra coaches?
You can 'bolt on' extra coaches to attend the meetings for an additional £47 per person. Please note however that bolt on coaches will not benefit from the other features within the Inner Circle program.
Do I need to be British or registered to British Gymnastics?
No and no! Coaches from all over the world are welcome to be part of the programme, irrespective on whether they are affiliated to British Gymnastics or any other federation or body.
Can I film the meetings?
Filming will not be permitted at the meetings, but we'll do that work for you, and upload the content to a private member's only area where you can show your colleagues to ensure the information is filtered through your club.
Can I still be part of the programme if I don't attend all the monthly meetings?
Whilst we'd strongly encourage that you attend as many of the meetings as possible, we understand that this may not always be possible (particularly if you live overseas). That's why we allow you to switch your spot at the meeting with another coach from your club and film the content so you can view it when you have availability.
Where will the meetings be held?
Whilst we can't promise every meeting will be held at the same venue, we'll be locating them central to the country, close to major transport networks to make travel as hassle free as possible!
So, It's Time To Make A Decision…
Do you believe that spending regular time with me, and the elite coaches within my network will have a positive impact on your club, your athletes and your coaching ability?

Do you think that rubbing shoulders with other coaches in the same position as you, networking with them and learning how things are done at other clubs will help you to get better results, both personally and for your club?

Are you hungry and ambitious and confident that with the right guidance, you can experience fantastic results and become a seriously good coach?

Do you see the value in regularly stepping out of the gym, and into a completely different environment and accessing new tactics and strategies that are working for international federations the world over?

If the answer to all of those questions is 'yes', then you need to submit an application without delay.

There are certain moments in our careers where we're faced with choices.

And the choice we make will depend on what our future looks like.

I don't know about you, but this feels like one of those moments.

Either you can keep doing what you're doing, and hope that things improve drastically, or you can take action, apply for Inner Circle and take control of your own destiny.

Only you can decide which choice to make, but if you're hungry, ambitious and you want to be the best possible coach you can be, my recommendation is that you submit your application now.

Remember, if you don't think it's right for you after we talk, then we'll agree not to go any further, but unless you submit your application, you'll never know for sure.

Click the button below now, and let's schedule our call.

I look forward to talking to you, and - hopefully - working very closely with you to forge a fantastic future for you, your club and the athletes you work with.

Thanks for reading - click the button and submit your application now.
Nick Ruddock
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