Live Training Sessions with Nick and Leonni

£19.99 per month



Join Nick and Leonni as they lead 5 x weekly 60mins LIVE training sessions combining dance, flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Nick and Leonni will be running online training sessions via the Zoom platform 5 x per week, 60mins at a time; combining fitness, conditioning, dance and flexibility.

Registrants are able to attend all 5 of the week's sessions taking place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday between 5pm and 6pm, and Saturday between 1pm and 2pm. Registration includes a full month of training on a rolling month to month basis until cancelled.

Important things to note regarding these sessions:

  • - Cameras will be required to be 'ON' throughout the duration of the session.
  • - The Zoom username must be set as the participants' actual name, so we can admit them into the room.
  • - A Participation Agreement will be issued after successful registration to confirm that the participants physical fitness is adequate for participation.
  • - Registrations received after 2pm will be processed the following day.
  • - It's important that a responsible adult is able to supervise and be in close proximity of the participant throughout the session.

For further information and FAQ's about these sessions, click here

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