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Supreme Schedules Online cOURSE


An online course in producing a supreme training schedule for your gymnasts


Since 2015 I've been helping clubs, coaches and federations to improve performance through coaching, education and event services. 

It's taken me to over 25 countries, where I've been privileged to support and learn alongside many of the world's top coaches and gymnasts. 

I'm obsessed with providing the opportunities, resources and tools that coaches need to soften the learning curve of the sport, ensuring the gymnastics community can access credible information irrespective of location, experience and budget.

My new Supreme Schedules Online Course has been created to answer the dozens of questions that coaches have on this topic, and provide the knowledge and know how to take a programme to the next level!

Next Session: 3rd June at 4pm UK time

Your guide to better scheduling begins in…


Why have I created the Supreme Schedules Online Course?

Quite simply, a carefully crafted Weekly Schedule can transform a gymnasts' results. Physical preparation, training volume, recovery periods and so much more have to be considered.

There's a lot to get right, and a lot of avenues to explore. That leaves a lot of opportunity for error too.

In a complex sport like gymnastics, the process of putting together such a plan can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be!

Does this sound familiar?

How many hours should my gymnasts train? When should my gymnasts do conditioning? What exercises should I include? When do they do basics?

You're not alone in wanting these questions answered. 

In the Supreme Schedules Online Course, I'll be covering all of these questions and more, leaving attendees with compete clarity on the key principles to consider and the tools to create a Weekly Schedule that boost performance!

Here’s what’s,
In store for you.

The Supreme Schedules Online Course is delivered LIVE via 6 x 60 minute sessions on consecutive Saturday's at 4pm UK time. All sessions are recorded for those unable to make the sessions live, with lifetime access included!

In Week 1, Nick will be covering:

In Week 2, Nick will be covering:

In Week 3, Nick will be covering:

In Week 4, Nick will be covering:

In Week 5, Nick will be covering:

In Week 6, Nick will be covering:


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Next Session: 3rd June at 4pm UK time

Your guide to better scheduling begins in…




All sessions will be recorded and available with lifetime access via your NR Gymnastics online account.

All sessions will be delivered at 4pm UK time, and will last approximately 60 minutes

Attendees will receive a Zoom link to view the sessions live!

The examples used within the Course are related to Woman's Artistic Gymnastics, but the principles and concepts can be applied to all disciplines.

If you're already producing international gymnasts, this course may be over-simplified for you. However all other coaches, including those starting their coaching journey will find this course extremely informative.

If you're attending the LIVE sessions, Nick will be available to answer your questions after he has finished delivering the session content! 

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