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  • Vision

    I’m often asked about the motivation behind my work, and my busy commitment to running 2 businesses. I can summarise it in one word. VISION. I have a vision for where I want myself and my companies to be in the future. And I have a healthy obsession with making sure I get there ...

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  • Inspiring Movies

    With a little extra time on our hands, and our athletes in need of some inspiration right now, I reached out to my community within the 'Gymnastics Growth Club' Facebook group for their recommendations of inspiring movies or documentaries to watch related to sport. Here’s what they compiled! Thank you so much for all the contributions ...

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  • Catapult Coaching

    I’d like to introduce you to a term I call ‘Catapult Coaching.’ It involves pulling an athlete back in order to propel them forward, metaphorically of course. ...

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  • Awesome Video Content Tips

    With so much virtual coaching taking place at the moment, I compiled a list of considerations for coaches when delivering either a live coaching session or some pre-recorded video content. Here are my top ten tips to deliver the ultimate video content!

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  • The Six M's

    I recently delivered a 45 minute Facebook Live broadcast on my page Nick Ruddock Gymnastics, talking about the 6 x M’s that coaches and athletes should really keep at the forefront of their minds as they deal with this new reality of social distancing, not training/coaching and isolation (albeit not permanent.)

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