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Nick Ruddock

Nick is recognised as a world leading coach educator and consultant within the international gymnastics community, having provided services to 25 international federations such as the national teams of Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. Nick is also a technical expert for European Gymnastics.

Nick’s exposure to a wide range of clubs, coaches and systems across many countries and continents offers him a unique perspective on the sport, allowing him to soften the learning curve for gymnastics coaches and ‘change the way they coach forever.’

Nick’s membership programmes and digital services currently reach coaches in over 60 countries.

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Our mission at Nick Ruddock Gymnastics is very clear;

'To make a positive and lasting footprint on the world of gymnastics.'

We do that by consistently embodying 8 behaviours, known as our 'Gymnastics Footprints'

We hope that the gymnastics community follow in our footsteps in ensuring gymnastics is both a safe and incredible sport for anybody in the community to be part of, from grassroots to gold standard.

Our mission of making a positive and lasting footprint on the world of gymnastics is challenging and demanding, yet is our north star and a mountain worth climbing.

Meet the team...

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Julie Berry
Client Success Manager
Julie's rich background in senior management and gymnastics provides enormous value to our projects and clients. She's also a qualified coach, judge, tutor and 'Gym Mom.' Julie is also our Welfare & Safety Manager!
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Laura Pashley
Community Manager
Laura manages our membership community which spans over 60 countries! She's also a qualified coach, 'Gym Mom' and all around energy angel! Laura is also a qualified Welfare Officer.
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Inês Romero
Content Manager
The newest member of our team, Inês is a video and editing wizard, helping us to create world class content for our members and community!

Ready to tumble into success?

Introducing the Gymnastics Growth Academy.

Here’s just a handful of Nick’s clients
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