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Bars Masterclass 2020

Handstands, Floor Lines, Trampoline for Bars, Tkatchevs, Jaeger, Shoot Down, Pac

In this Bars Masterclass Ross Falsetta shares his thoughts on bars preps and how to use floor and trampoline in your bars programme to maximise performance and develop good preparation. Filming in a “Covid world”, Ross also uses the opportunity to show some safe set ups and preps that can be done without physical coach support as well as the all-important “falling drills” to turn “what ifs” into “know hows”.

The Masterclass is broken down in to 4, easy to digest sessions:

1. The importance of handstands and using floor lines to develop great preparation for bars

2. Using trampoline as a training aid for bars, particularly in relation to release and catch skills

3. Tkachevs and the importance of a 90° pike in the downward swing

4. Jaeger, Shoot ½, Pak preps

Regardless of whether your athletes are competing these skills now or you’re preparing for the future, this Masterclass is a must for those wanting to develop great bars preparation from an early age and build confidence through play.

Clinician: Nick Ruddock & Ross Falsetta

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